There is nothing better than a recommendation

We firmly believe this whether you are getting a plumber or engaging in a course to introduce Critical Thinking into the lives of your family. 

Below is a handful of the positive recommendations we have received from industry & science professionals and from previous customers. 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Feedback from our Esteemed Advisory Board

The Critical Thinking Institutes Programs were created and tested in tandem with a rich stream of scientific and industry professionals. Their essential feedback ensures that the programs are delivering success on every level.

Here is what the experts had to say about the Critical Thinking Institute. 

"Dr. Pearlman’s revolutionary methods for teaching critical thinking finally make advanced thinking skills available to everyone in the world.”

Ken Bain, Ph.D., President, Best Teachers Institute.

"Dr. Pearlman’s unique critical thinking instruction is one of the best chances children have for building a better future not just for themselves, but for everyone.”

Judith Cunningham, M.Ed. Founder of Montessori Model United Nations

"The Critical Thinking Institute brings a very elegant, effective, and easy-to-grasp approach to understanding and applying critical thinking. Steve’s work is a breath of fresh air and absolutely brilliant!"

Randall E. Foster, Ph.D., J.D., Founder, Randall Thinking Studio, LLC

"Recent research out of Stanford revealed that, on an American-made test of critical thinking, Chinese first year university students outperformed their American peers. That’s just one reason why the Critical Thinking Institute is of critical importance.”

Cornelius N. Grove, Ed.D., Ethnologist, Interculturalist, Author

"I am exceedingly pleased that Dr. Pearlman has turned his full attention to inculcating critical thinking skills as an academic discipline with methods and practice so that everyone can thrive, armed with ability, wisdom, and potential.”

Dr. Timothy Kieran O’Mahony, PhD, FRGS, Founder of The Institute for Connecting Neuroscience with Teaching and Learning

"As a leader in teaching critical thinking to the U.S. Armed Forces, I can tell you that Dr. Pearlman’s work is a breakthrough that could not be more valuable.”

William “Razz” Rasgorshek, MS MBA, Red Team U, LLC

"We see the CTI’s unique methods as a powerful means for providing everyone with the critical thinking skills necessary to become the solutionaries we need to build a future that is healthy, humane, and just.”

Zoe Weil, Cofounder & President, Institute for Humane Education

"Dr. Pearlman's program is a quantum leap forward. His groundbreaking programming and in-depth research into multiple fields—neuroscience, education, behavioural change— will empower everyone to fulfil their dreams."

JW Wilson, Executive Director, The Learning Code Institute

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Feedback from our Satisfied Clients on Brighter Minds Better Futures 

Our program, Brighter Minds Better Futures focuses on teaching critical thinking skills to the younger members of our families. With bright, lovable cartoon characters to lead them through the lessons, Brighter Minds Better Futures has been a great success. 

"This is what all kids should be learning in school! Every child in the country should take this program."

- Rebecca, R.

"If you think you know how to raise your kids as critical thinkers, think again. This is entirely a different level. "

- Andrea M.

"I wish this program existed when I was a kid. I can’t even imagine what more I would have accomplished."

- Jeremy L.

"The best thing about this program as parents is the peace of mind you get seeing your children actually learn to think better. This program does everything it says it does and more."

- Lara and Joe, K.

"To say that this has been transformative for my kids and our whole family is an understatement. I recommend this to every parent I know."

- Luke M.

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Feedback from our Satisfied Clients on Critical Thinking Mastery

Our alternative program, Critical Thinking Mastery, teaches the same range of skills, but is geared more towards those in late teens to adulthood. With detailed lessons hosted by Dr. Steve, Critical Thinking has been opened up to any mind that shows curiosity. 

"All of the courses I’ve attended, both in and out of the Army, have stressed the importance to think critically. This is the first time anyone has ever showed me how."

- Col. Ben Connell

"Upon completing the Critical Thinking Institute course, our team learned the thinking process and the importance of thinking more critically about everyday decisions instead of taking the “fast path.” I can now say with confidence that by putting these new thinking skills into practice, I have become a more valuable asset to my team. "

- Mac C. 21

"I’ve taught psychology at Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania, and yet this is by far the most effective, accessible, and engaging program for teaching critical thinking that I have ever seen. It’s the first program I’ve seen driven by modern scientific research yet easily accessible to everyone. I wish all of my students had this program before entering my classes, or at least before graduating. I believe this will help everyone in every area of life – it did for me and it has for my students!"

- Andy L., Ph.D.

"It’s hard to put into words just how much the Critical Thinking Institute program has helped me. I’m someone who has always struggled with traditional models of work and traditional models of learning…. But the course CTI teaches is incredibly easy to understand. It’s very straightforward and it teaches the science in a way that’s intuitive. And I feel like ever since I have started incorporating those lessons into my workplace, I have started excelling in a way that I never thought I could before. If anyone is interested in learning how to think and how to see the world differently, and how to be the best and brightest version of yourself that you can be, then I cannot recommend this course enough."

- Andrew W., 25, Forensic Accountant

"Critical Thinking Mastery has made me a better critical thinker than all of my college courses combined. It should be what everyone learns in their first semester. I use its strategies at work every day to solve my clients’ problems. I used to take a backseat in team meetings but now I’m the one who leads the team in understanding the problem and creating solutions. I recommend this course to everyone I know."

- Laura C., 29, Customer Success Manager

"As a Director of Corporate Training and Development for national corporations, I cannot recommend this program enough. I’ve seen so many programs that claimed that they would improve critical thinking, and this is finally one that does it in an innovative way based on real science. I believe this can take anyone’s career to the next level, and I suspect it won’t be long before this is required by many major corporations."

- John B., Director of Corporate Training and Development

"My academic and legal experience adds both scholarly and practical critical thinking experience over 40 years. Simple yet ultimately profound, the CTI application is like a complicated puzzle suddenly coming together."

- Dr. Mark Smith

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