One simple question:

How would better thinking improve your life?

“Our mission is simple: to teach people to think critically so that they can change their lives, and then change the world.” 

Steve Pearlman, Ph.D.

We’re Excited to Announce Our First Online Program
for Kids, Teens, Young Adults (and Parents too)!


Brighter Minds Better Futures

Brighter Minds, Better Futures offers a year of weekly 5-10 minutes lessons that your children can immediately apply in their lives.

In these fun videos, they will be guided by friendly cartoon hosts who will teach them to make better decisions, help them create advanced and more meaningful learning strategies and how to better control their emotions. 

They will learn to be more independent and self-reliant, craft advanced reading and writing skills, and a host of other practical, instantly usable thinking skills.

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Critical Thinking Mastery

Our course for teenagers and adults builds the foundation for critical thinking in everyday situations. 

You will learn to understand how your brain thinks and why, how to decode how other people’s brains think, and why they do the things they do and to become a recognized thinking expert among your peers. 

Critical Thinking is the key to exercising stronger evidence and logic, innovating and “ideating” new ideas and solutions and offers practical solutions that will help you in everyday life, in business and in education. 

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"Dr. Pearlman’s revolutionary methods for teaching critical thinking finally make advanced thinking skills available to everyone in the world.”

Ken Bain, Ph.D., President, Best Teachers Institute.

What the Experts Are Saying

"I can tell you that critical thinking is too often missing from education, which is why The Critical Thinking Institute is a game changer.  Dr. Pearlman’s revolutionary methods for teaching critical thinking finally make advanced thinking skills available to everyone in the world.”  

Ken Bain, Ph.D., President, Best Teachers Institute.

"As the Founder of Montessori Model UN, I know that our student delegates need to solve problems in an increasingly complex world. Dr. Pearlman’s unique critical thinking instruction is one of the best chances children have for building a better future not just for themselves, but for everyone.”  

Judith Cunningham, M.Ed. Founder of Montessori Model United Nations

"The Critical Thinking Institute brings a very elegant, effective, and easy to grasp approach to understanding and applying critical thinking. Steve’s work is a breath of fresh air and absolutely brilliant!"


Randall E. Foster, Ph.D., J.D., Founder, Randall Thinking Studio, LLC

"This program from the Critical Thinking Institute is essential, accessible, and transformational for nearly every age and every person, and for every aspect of life. Dr. Pearlman is the “Steve Jobs” of critical thinking."  

Jayme Anne Goldberg, Founder Consequential Flowers & BloomRadius

"Recent research out of Stanford revealed that, on an American made test of critical thinking, Chinese first year university students outperformed their American peers. That’s just one reason why the Critical Thinking Institute is of critical importance.”  

Cornelius N. Grove, Ed.D., Ethnologist, Interculturalist, Author

"I am exceedingly pleased that Dr. Pearlman has turned his full attention to inculcating critical thinking skills as an academic discipline with methods and practice so that everyone can thrive, armed with ability, wisdom, and potential.”  

Dr. Timothy Kieran O’Mahony, PhD, FRGS, Founder of The Institute for Connecting Neuroscience with Teaching and Learning

"As a leader in teaching critical thinking to the U.S. Armed Forces, I can tell you that Dr. Pearlman’s work is a breakthrough that could not be more valuable.” 

William “Razz” Rasgorshek, MS MBA, Red Team U, LLC   

"We see the CTI’s unique methods as a powerful means for providing everyone with the critical thinking skills necessary to become the solutionaries we need to build a future that is healthy, humane, and just.”  

Zoe Weil, Cofounder & President, Institute for Humane Education

"Dr. Pearlman's program is a quantum leap forward. His groundbreaking programming and in-depth research into multiple fields—neuroscience, education, behavioural change— will empower everyone to fulfil their dreams."

JW Wilson, Executive Director, The Learning Code Institute


Just a Few of the Organizations that Learned our Methods

Let us unlock Inside-Out Critical Thinking skills for everyone.

Brighter Minds, Better Futures empowers your children and Critical Thinking Mastery is aimed at teens and adults. Both will equip their students with the thinking skills to help them create their futures in ways that bring them the most meaning and happiness.  

Brighter Minds Better Futures
Critical Thinking Mastery