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 “We cannot solve the problems of today with the same level of thinking that created them.” - Albert Einstein

Working toward a noble cause? Would more critical thinking in the world advance it? If so, we want to raise money for your cause and create more critical thinkers at the same time

The Critical Thinking Institute offers a majority of proceeds to non-profit partners.


And we make it easy:

  1.  You offer Brighter Minds, Better Futures to your organization and its supporters
  2.  They receive a discount on the program
  3.  Your organization receives the majority of revenue
  4.  Together, we create more thinkers in the world, thinkers who might go on to help solve your problem.  

Please reach out to us to see how we can form a partnership. Contact us.

(Note: The Critical Thinking Institute is apolitical and does not partner with political organizations. We do not support any political candidate or political party.  We reserve the right to be selective in the organizations we support.)


Want the students in your school—grade school, high school, college—to gain stronger critical thinking skills?  We’d love to partner with you in bringing them Brighter Minds, Better Futures:

  •  Fundraiser: Offer Brighter Minds, Better Futures at a discount to all the parents in your organization and receive a majority of proceeds for your non-profit school
  •  Purchase Brighter Minds, Better Futures for your students through our wholesale pricing, and we’ll even work with you on integrating it into your curriculum

Please reach out to us so that we can explore a partnership. Contact us.


Is there anything more important to your future than your employees’ capacity to think critically, anticipate and solve problems, strategize the future, make agile decisions, etc.? Whether you’re a small business or a multi-national corporation, let’s work together to bring more critical thinking to your organization:

Raise Money for A Cause

No matter what cause you support—curing a disease, ending poverty, fighting climate change, etc.—we’d like to help.  

  •  Offer Better Minds, Brighter Futures to all of your employees at a discount
  •  Raise money for your cause
  • Elevate your employee's critical thinking skills.

Purchase the Program or Subsidize It

Purchase Brighter Minds, Better Futures for some or all of your employees.  (Remember, it’s for all “kids” of all ages!).  Or, if not purchase it, subsidize it to whatever price point you want. Either way, your employees’ families not only benefit, you also bring more critical thinking to your organization.  

Reach out to us so that we can explore the best means of working together with you. Contact us

Social Influencers

Are you a blogger or podcaster? Do you have a large following on Instagram or Twitter?  Whatever your platform, we’d love to explore how you can offer discounted programming to your followers.  As you do so, you can support a worthwhile cause or share in the proceeds.  For example, perhaps your podcast is on sustainable living.  You can serve your listeners through discounted programming for them and their families, and also build a donation to an environmental charity of your choice.  Or, share in the revenue yourself for the good work you’re already doing.  Either way, reach out to us to benefit your listeners so we can help move the world in a better direction, together.

Philanthropists & Sponsors

Local, corporate, and billionaires alike!

Local: You don’t need to be a billionaire to sponsor critical thinking for families and children around you.  We want to work with you to sponsor Better Minds, Better Futures for any group:

  •  the students in your child’s class,
  •  the kids on your little league team,
  •  the students at your local grammar school, middle school, or high school,
  •  the children in your place of worship,
  •  the children of your employees,
  •  the members of your social organization 

Our mission is to bring critical thinking to children everywhere, and we are excited to work with you as a local sponsor on any scale.  Reach out to us so that we can explore the best way to help you bring critical thinking to your community.

Billionaires & Corporate Sponsors:  Sponsor Better Minds, Better Futures for as many children as you wish--all children below the poverty line, every child in your state or country, or all children in the world, free for a time, if not free forever. You can be that individual or corporation who changes the world, for everyone, everywhere.  

Let us unlock Inside-Out Critical Thinking skills for everyone

Brighter Minds, Better Futures empowers your children and Critical Thinking Mastery is aimed at teens and adults. Both will equip their students with the thinking skills to help them create their futures in ways that bring them the most meaning and happiness.  

Brighter Minds Better Futures
Critical Thinking Mastery