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➤ Only 5% of college students demonstrate proficiency in critical thinking.

➤ 50% of Americans fail critical thinking tests.

➤ 95% of employers rate critical thinking as more important than a job candidate’s major.

➤ Critical thinking is more important to real-life decisions than intelligence alone!

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When it comes to your children, teens, or young adults (or even yourself) ….

How will the need to think critically affect every decision they’ll make in their lives?

Where do you see their education falling short on teaching them critical thinking?

How might a shared understanding of critical thinking enhance their relationship with you?

How important is it that they think for themselves instead of following the herd?

What role can critical thinking play in helping them become leaders and innovators?

What role do you see critical thinking playing in making their lives successful, joyous, and meaningful?

When you were younger, don't you wish you had received the kind of dedicated instruction on how to think critically, solve problems, and develop ideas offered here in Brighter Minds, Better Futures?  What positive differences might that have made in decisions you’ve made?

Brighter Minds, Better Futures
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